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Outdoor Patios for Your Mesa Backyard

Mesa Deck contractors are your number one option for building your Mesa outdoor patios.

Backyard patios are a fantastic option for transforming backyards into stunning functional areas. Mesa Deck Contractors would be happy to build you a custom patio with the best layout and material choices that suit your yard and home. We would love to discuss additional patio stone features like fireplaces, barriers or patio framing. Patios could be a great option for your Mesa home!

The biggest difference between decking options and patios is that unlike decking options which sit above the earth, patios lay within the soil and are built flush with your yard. For this reason, an important consideration when considering a patio is the landscaping around the area you are looking at. If the surface is uneven then the soil needed to level the area and other potential landscaping can quickly add to the budget. If the landscaping is relatively flat then patio options (depending on the materials) are often a fraction of the cost of decking options. Mesa Deck builders provide expertise and care when building Mesa home Patios! Call us for more information!

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Mesa Az, Deck builders, outdoor patios

Patio Building Materials

There are many patio building materials to consider when looking to build a patio for your Mesa home! Some options include brick, concrete, pavers, tile, flagstone and cut stone. There are nuances worth considering for your Mesa Az, patio project. Read more below.

Brick is the original patio material. It is beautiful and offers distinct options because of the different ways it can be arranged. Brick is robust and stand up to use and the elements for a long time. It’s also diverse, fitting in with many different architectural styles. Brick is also an excellent option for edging, walkways or paths.

Concrete is another excellent option when it comes to your Mesa home patio. Concrete is robust and lasts a long time. Modern concrete options are not limited to the boring grey most of us think about when we consider concrete. Concrete can be stained and/or finished with several different types of finishes. For instance, Brushed, stamped, coloured or tinted, scored, patterned and even decorated with inlay. Concrete is also relatively inexpensive.

Another option for your Mesa home patio is flagstone. Flagstone is becoming more popular and offers a unique patio look. Often, flagstone is available in several colours depending on the source quarries available near you. Flagstone is large, flat stone often 1 to 3 inches thick and each piece is unique in shape. Flagstone is slightly textured providing traction when wet.

Mesa Az, Outdoor patio and pergola
Lovely outdoor deck patio space with white pergola, fire pit in the backyard of a Mesa Az home.

Patio Q & A

Q – What is the difference between patio and decking?

A – As mentioned above, the main difference is that decking is built above the ground while patios are laid within the soil. The materials differ as well. Decking is usually made from wood or other related composite or synthetic material while patio is most often paving stone or brink.

Q – What patio material is least expensive?

A – Concrete is on average the least expensive patio material.